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Ms. Monica Chandra

Ms. Monica Chandra

Ms. Monica Chandra is the CEO of “Happy Souls”, an initiative to provide help to people facing real life issues pertaining to relationships, health, career, finances, old age issues, etc.
The soul objective of starting “Happy Souls” was her zeal and desire to expand her reach and do things for the benefit of society.
She is a trained Counsellor, Healer, Batch Flower Therapist, Nutritionist, Tarot Card reader and an avid Graphologist.
Her qualifications include MBA in Human Resources and MSc in Life Sciences. She has worked as an Entrepreneur and a Relationship Expert in a leading Counseling firm before setting up this initiative.
She has also associated with NGOs like Balaji Foundations and Pratham Prayas Foundation and contributes to their programs and participates in their events for helping the society.



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