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Nanhi Paree

Nanhi Paree

Pratham Prayas Foundation has chosen to support the education of under-privileged girls in India through "Project Nanhi Paree". It works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child.

A girl especially is more vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse. The poor economic conditions of family households, cultural and social practices and prevalence of child marriage are the significant reasons for girls leaving school early and the decline of their education, which in turn reduces opportunity.
Support To The Nanhi Paree
Academic Support – Our Nanhi Parees receive academic support through a 1-2 hour class conducted before or after school hours called the Academic Support Centre. Here, concepts in Maths, Science and Language are taught, to bridge the gaps in learning and enable children to attain grade-specific competency levels.
Material Support/Kits - The programme selects girls based on multiple criteria including enrollment in government schools, family income, parents' educational background, social background and the child's aptitude. A comprehensive sponsorship is created to take care of a range of their educational requirements, providing not only academic support that enables them to make a success of their schooling experience but also material support. This includes uniforms, school bags, shoes, socks etc. to enable the girl child to go to school with dignity. The material kit is ceremoniously handed over to each child at the beginning of the academic year.
The teaching methodology includes the extensive use of innovative teaching tools and activities such as storytelling, group games, etc. which make learning not only meaningful but also fun. Our team also works with the parents and community to sensitize them on gender equality.
Community support involves regular interactions with the Nanhi Paree’s parents and the community to ensure that they don’t drop out of school. The society does play an important role in girl child education. Educating Nanhi Parees doesn't involve just them but also their families and the communities that they are a part of. Therefore, counseling and sensitizing the community on gender issues forms an important component of our program.


Girl education on “Self Protection” and “Hygeine”

Target Beneficiaries  : Girls between age group of 9yrs. to 14 yrs. of the weaker section of Society.
Target Institutions     : Govt. Schools
Duration                       : 2 hours on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of a month.
Objectives of the Activity
To develop personality and confidence of the enrolled girls.
To provide knowledge on Self protection, Health, Hygiene and Sanitation amidst target beneficiaries.
To provide vocational training and scale up livelihood options of the enrolled girls.
Evolve strategy to overcome gender discrimination. 
Building a positive image of a girl. 
Enhancing self esteem and self confidence of a girl.
Strategy to conduct Activity
Identification and enrollment of 100 girls who are…
       o Between 9 to 14 years
       o Belong to disadvantaged / rural community
Events to be conducted in school…
       o Introduction about PPF
       o Interactive session on Health and Hygiene
       o Debate / Discussion on Girl Empowerment
       o Session on self defense (Karate)
       o Stationary distribution (Register, Pen, Ruler and Eraser)
       o Distribution of eatables (Biscuits,Bananas, etc.)
Other Activities
1. Slogan competitions 
2. Poster Competition 
3. Skit play 
4. Painting Completion 
5. Debate on Girl Empowerment 
6. Poem competition on Girl child/save the Girl Child
How YOU can support...

Project Nanhi Paree is a participatory project where any individual or corporate can sponsor the education and nutrition of a disadvantaged girl child. Visit our "Donation" page and donate to show your humility towards underprivileged Girls...


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