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Pratham Prayas Foundation takes several sincere steps to help

The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. In such times, especially in countries with high population densities and even higher levels of social, economic, political and class inequalities like India, it is tragic that it has become reflexive to forget the most vulnerable. 



This crisis threatens everyone's way of life, but it is especially difficult for people who are already vulnerable; including those with pre-existing medical conditions, senior citizens, individuals experiencing homelessness, refugees and migrants, daily wage workers, and those with inflexible jobs or those who have lost jobs due to this contagion.

Families living in poverty have always faced financial hardships, job insecurity, hunger, homelessness and limited access to health and mental health care. They live in more crowded spaces and have higher rates of pre-existing health conditions due to which their COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates have skyrocketed.



Pratham Prayas Foundation takes several sincere steps to help, sensitize, consult and enlighten the masses towards alleviating them from the effects of this pandemic.

(A)  Our mental health counseling sessions involves discussion about the problems with a trained mental health counsellor or psychotherapist. They assess, diagnose and treat people struggling with mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder or any other conditions.

(B)  One of the most affected strata are our students who were either waiting to get inducted into the corporate world after completing their professional degree or who were aspiring to become an entrepreneur and serve the nation. Our dedicated and expert Career Counsellors work with them at various stages of their careers through remote counseling and even provide them virtual academic enrichment sessions.

(C)  The poor and poverty stricken people who were solely dependent on their daily earnings are the worst affected due to this Covid-19 pandemic. We at Pratham Prayas Foundation, aim at providing them with basic food supplies, masks and sanitization kits at well-managed distribution points. We are ensuring that families have enough to eat while remaining healthy, until this crisis is over and they are once again able to engage in India's vibrant informal economy.  


Long-Term Impact

The efforts taken up by Pratham Prayas Foundation, ensure that our society is supported mentally, psychosocially and physically throughout the corona virus pandemic and its aftermath. Counseling the traumatized individuals and students will safeguard their emotional well-being. Feeding the poor and needy would help them come out of the clutches of this pandemic.

We know that raising the quality of life will ensure a brighter future for the families and the community as a whole.





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